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The homeowners did get in on the fun, however, by placing a sign outside that reads "Home of the Swans" for those who want to take a picture.

The house was chosen because it most closely resembles the descriptions of the books — in fact there are very few two-story homes in Forks, which made the selection process easier.

Thousands of fans make the pilgrimage to the remote timber and fishing town in the Pacific Northwest every year because it's the place Stephenie Meyer set her young adult book series.Like the Cullens, the Swans have an offical house in Forks as well.Unlike the Cullen House though, the Swan House is a private residence, so unfortunately, you can't go inside.While you're there, follow the coastline and you'll come to 7760 La Push Road, also known as the vampire/werewolf treaty line.There you'll find a sign that reads, "No Vampires Beyond This Point," which also designates the start of the Quileute Indian Reservation.

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The Miller Tree Inn isn't the only place you'll find the Cullens hanging out. The Forks Hospital gets in the spirit by reserving a parking space for the Cullen patriarch. (Please don't go in the facility unless you actually have a medical emergency, of course.) phenomenon, especially during the summer when Twilight tourism is at its peak.

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