Cancers dating aquarius

Cancer is a sign that doesn’t generally seek to stand out, preferring to blend into the environment around them instead.However, Cancer is also one of the most loving and caring signs of the entire zodiac, and they are as wholeheartedly dedicated to protecting their families and loved ones as they are their own sensibilities. They tend to be security lovers and highly nostalgic individuals with a great respect for the past and a weakness for objects like souvenirs.You’re happy to take a break from your hard-working daytime habits to “enjoy some hot, earthy, sensual sex!

Both signs are sensitive and attentive to their loved ones, making for an astrology love match that is likely to stand the test of time quite well.Aquarius: Aquarian natives love fun and variety, which has a tendency to clash with Cancer’s need for peace, security, and sanctuary.Cancer’s traditional, conservative approach toward life doesn’t mix with Aquarius’s unconventional, often cavalier approach.Capricorn is likely to very much appreciate Cancer’s shared ability to manage money and finances, as well as the Cancerian respect for roots and tradition.However, many Capricorns are too emotionally cold to truly meet Cancer’s need for a doting, attentive partner while many Cancers are too moody, putting Capricorn on edge.

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Scorpio: Scorpio can be a prickly love match for many zodiac natives, but this is not the case with Cancer.

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