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He’s a bit shy with the talking but very easygoing and active when I invite him.

is a friend from school, we’ve been friends since we were 12 years old. He is cool and more conventional for sex, but still horny as fuck.

I want to shoot creative, intimate, strange, perverted, tender, cute, bizarre, beautiful, sexy, unique, stimulating material. I always noticed that he looked at me a lot, so now that he turned 18 years old I approached him and invited him to broadcast with me. He thought it was all a joke until I showed him my Chaturbate page. I’ve built a strong friendship with Teo and I trust him completely, so be sure that we are going to have lots of fun together.

I study Behavioral Economics and I’m interested in a wide range of topics from science to art (and of course sex, sex is always interesting). I am also experimenting with male erotic photography and I’ve created a blog where I post regularly.

I’ve had sex with my gay best friend Teo and I’ve fooled around with other guys too. I am a bit sex obsessed, I’m always horny and I love eroticism and sharing experiences.

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