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Some say Surtur melted the ice to reveal Audhumla the cow and to create the first frost giant Ymir in the creation saga.

His weapon of choice was a magical spear called Gungnir, fashioned by the dwarfs that returns when thrown and always hits its target.

Contemporary Interpretations of The Prose and Poetic Edda -Legends of Thor, Loki and Odin and the Aesir of Valhalla, of Beowulf and The Nibelungenlied Saga: The Ring of the Nibelung, The Valkyrie, Siegfried, & The Twilight of the gods.

Unlike the Greek & Roman myths, these Norse myths can vary drastically in details, names, and spellings depending on their country of origin due to the use of oral tradition rather than written language before the stories and poems that had been anonymously compiled were written down by Snori Sturluson in the 13th century.

So Odin called the ancient prophetess, Wala, from her grave to divine what was behind the dreams.

He asked her who was next to enter the realm of Hel, and her answer was "It is Baldur, the noble one, who is next for Hel, and Hdur, his blind brother, will be the bringer of his death." So the Aesir counseled on forestalling Baldur's death.

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