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The child's mother told Dr Phil through tears about what Franklin did next.Her complete interview with Dr Phil airs on Monday.'Lincoln was laying on the couch, looking up at the TV, so I went to walk around to give him his pacifier and Burt was on the other couch,' she said.Daughter Heather said once she learned her mother was giving money to David, she tried to intervene but was rebuffed.

Too Much Junk Male Deb, 40, says she can’t figure out why she only gets responses from men in their 20s who are just looking for sex. “There’s a definite art to how you present yourself on the Internet.” Staying Safe in Cyberspace Jeanne is recently divorced and hasn’t dated in over 20 years. She didn't know that her child had already been fatally injured.'He was like "no he's asleep," so I put his pacifier on the arm of the couch and went back upstairs.'I guess that's whenever he picked up Lincoln and carried his body around.Gail, Dawn’s sister, chimed in to point out that when Dawn got a phone call from a doctor claiming that he could not be released from the hospital unless Dawn paid his bill. This is exactly why I am afraid to watch that MTV show, .Dawn and Gail sparred about the soap opera timeline in which David’s every day seems to be embroiled.

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