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Michelle says, “If the verb used in stating the objective identifies observable student behavior, then the basis for a clear statement is established.” 3.Conditions Michelle’s third step is to specify conditions.These are some examples of clear and measurable criteria: what they need to do to achieve the Learning Objective and they are more likely to be successful at achieving it.

Ask students to “check off” the Objective once there is agreement it is achieved.Students do not have to interrupt the lesson for clarification of what is acceptable work.They know what they are supposed to do, the conditions in which they are to do it, and the desired outcome. It explains A goal might be to “understand,” to “acquire knowledge,” to “develop skills,” or to “appreciate.” A Learning Objective is a specific statement of observable behaviors which can be evaluated and which contribute to reaching the general goal. A Goal consists of numerous objectives that must be reached to achieve the outcome.What will the student need in order to accomplish the Objective?These are examples of conditions students need to accomplish an Objective: The conditions of an Objective state the circumstances, tools, materials, and references needed for the student to begin work on the behavior. Criteria A Learning Objective states the criteria by which the student will be assessed. Percentages are difficult to measure and are not as useful to a student as criteria that is measured in quantity.

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This provides a visual for students on their way to achieving the ultimate goal.

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