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Cinch has 2 active releases Cinch is not meant for creating modular UIs, like PRISM, but it does offer a great many other features that are comparable with PRISM such as PRISM Event Aggregator == Cinch Mediator PRISM UI Service location == Cinch UI Services And to some extent PRISM Regions == Cinch Workspaces, though I have to say PRISM regions are excellent, however with Cinch V2 you can also use PRISM v4 (which is MEF based) regions/modules with ease. Cinch V1 is a VS2008 solution which only supported WPF, and was aimed at doing MVVM in a View Model 1st approach here is a diagram that may help to cement the list above: And here is a screen shot of it the demo app that went with Cinch V1 Where it used Entity Framework to use with a simple search type UI, and it demonstrates validation/editing of object, cancelling edits, messaging using the Mediator Cinch originally started as a codeproject atricle, and people asked me to move the code to codeplex, which I did, but all the documentation is available on codeproject and that should be used as main source of information regarding Cinch.

I will maintain a set of links here, which point to codeproject.

Items Source = items; var token = new JObject(); // Replace access_token_value with actual value of your access token obtained // using the Facebook or Google SDK. Add("access_token", "access_token_value"); private Mobile Service User user; private async Task Authenticate Async() await client.Although not required for conformance, the following additional techniques should be considered in order to make content more accessible.Not all techniques can be used or would be effective in all situations.This includes partial or full updates of content (for example, page refresh), changes to content, or the expiration of a window of opportunity for a user to react to a request for input.It also includes content that is advancing or updating at a rate beyond the user's ability to read and/or understand it.

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