Updating 403 b custodial agreements

645.463 Restrictions on receipt of credit for course.645.467 Credit for attendance at meeting of Commission. 645.420 Approved schools: Misrepresentation in advertising prohibited. 645.412 Approved schools: Certification of students taking courses by correspondence. 645.101 Applicant for license as real estate broker-salesperson: Requirements. 645.178 Management of principal and branch offices. 645.183 Cooperative certificate: Denial, cancellation, suspension or revocation; appeal. 645.340 Activation of license after approval of reinstatement. 645.350 Involuntary inactivation, suspension or revocation of brokers license; expiration of license upon death of licensee; death of person acting as broker of brokerage. 645.360 Involuntary inactivation of license: Grounds; reinstatement of license. LICENSES, CERTIFICATES AND EXAMINATIONS 645.100 Applicant for license as real estate salesperson: Minimum age; requirements. 645.325 Inactive renewed status: Requirements for reinstatement. 645.335 Appeal from a denial of a request for reinstatement.CHAPTER 645 - REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND SALESPERSONS GENERAL PROVISIONS 645.005 Definitions. 645.458 Notice of policy of sponsor concerning cancellations and refunds.

645.310 Real estate broker-salesperson or salesperson: Termination of association or employment with real estate broker or owner-developer. 645.426 Instructors: Requirements for and restrictions on approval; appeal of denial of approval; periodic review and evaluation. 645.435 Course required to obtain original license as salesperson. 645.425 Approved schools: Instructors; guest lecturers; statement required in advertisements. 645.430 Satisfaction of requirement for course in principles of real estate to obtain original license as broker or broker-salesperson.REAL ESTATE EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND RECOVERY FUND 645.470 Annual financial statement and budget. ADVISORY COMMITTEE 645.490 Establishment and purpose; list of persons approved to serve; appointment of members; restrictions on service; allowance and expenses.645.475 Request for showing that judgment debtor has been examined by person who files petition against Fund. 645.493 Review of matter investigated as result of complaint or upon request of Division: Duties of advisory committee and Administrator.

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645.120 Financial condition of applicant for license as real estate broker. EDUCATION IN REAL ESTATE General Provisions 645.400 School defined. 645.404 Approval of school: Conditions of approval; evidence of licensure required from certain schools.

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