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We have a strong design and engineering core, accelerated by partnerships with companies like Siemens, to aid us in delivering vehicles of impeccable quality to the market.

With the right focus, team, partners and investors, Uniti is ready to create a new paradigm in urban mobility. a high performance electric vehicle designed for safety and agility in urban environments with a focus on sustainability and a modernised user experience.

The platform we are developing is optimised for resource efficiency, safety, and manufacturing scalability.

Our vehicle is agile to fit modern cities, and is lightweight to maximise battery performance.

The segment can be characterized as progressive in many aspects of social and secular life.

Several fleet managers and other corporate customers around the world have requested volume orders for Uniti, validating B2B demand for our vehicle.They are part of the trend of conscious consumption and are media-hungry technophiles.Uniti is designed to be perfect for young professionals or young families wanting a lower cost vehicle, a low environmental impact, and with an enhanced user experience.A significant change in any of these parameters may affect the attractiveness of the investment.This company began as an open innovation research project at a leading Swedish University.

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