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A BARMAN slips an army helmet over the girl’s hairdo, picks up a hammer . Two weeks ago, holidaymaker Sarah Lee-Anne Reid, 20, of Ballynahinch, Co Down, died after being found unconscious outside one of the nightclubs on the tiny island.

The £5 special, designed to leave tourists woozy and reeling, is one of the crazy goings on at Europe’s new party capital — Hvar in Croatia.

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During the Middle Ages this maritime city-state (then called Ragusa) rivaled Venice for supremacy in the Adriatic.

Along with a lot of fun and excitement pumped up by great people from all around the world, the party is boost up with swim stops, animation, drinking games and with a ton of amazing and cold refreshing alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

To keep the atmosphere warm we have in charge the best Zrće clubs DJs. In the past 5 seasons we had over 60 000 people from all around the world on board.

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In 1979, the city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town's 2300 years of continuous urban tradition (Greek, Roman, Venetian, Habsburg) have left a fascinating and unique concentration of palaces, churches, towers, and fortifications.

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