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Is anyone else having this issue, is there a way to get around it?I noticed on the MSI site the description of bios 1.0 and 1.1 read "New Bios Release" but 1.2 reads "- Update BIOS module.".I have a Gigabyte GA-J1900N-D3V, running a small server computer. Recently, I bought a Mini-PCIe expansion board to add additional storage - the motherboard has only two SATA ports.I tried installing the new expansion board, but it causes the computer to fail to boot - it crashes at the BIOS POST screen (so not a Linux thing, this is before it even tries to load the OS).I managed to flash it by using MSI Forum Flash Tool, though I did not like having this issue at all so I contacted MSI and they told me that they could not reproduce the problem.Then an idea came to me, so I grabbed my USB Stick and clicked on "Fix my USB" in the MSI Forum Flash Tool.

My machine has no CD drive (and obviously no floppy) - but is able to boot from USB drives just fine.

Originally Posted by jeffro37 I would suggest to not use the M Flash program.

Over at the MSI forum they have a special way of updating the bios.

Then I put the bios on it and was able to flash it via M-Flash again.

Before that, flashing bios by M-Flash in 2 sepparate bios versions always froze as soon as I pointed to the file on the stick. Over at the MSI forum they have a special way of updating the bios.

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