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(The amicable exes are parents to daughters Ming, 13, and Aoki, 10.) VIDEO: Kimora Lee Simmons offers relationship advice Kimora continued, "Kids never go away from your life, and if you've been married, that person probably never goes away either.You never get rid of anyone and they never really get rid of you!I’m also going to need Power Point to properly show all the upgrades and downgrades of Shannon’s dating history.But whatever, they’re together now, because Shannon’s AMEX bill isn’t going to pay itself and Russell believes her when she says that she was a 90s baby.It was like two coagulated cum blasts from the past.

Here’s Russell and Melissa in the Hamptons yesterday with and all their kids. Just use your shovel vagina to pull as much gold out of Russell’s tequila worm dick as possible and I won’t judge you for this. You know, he OMs OMs OMs into the sky on a yoga mat while kissing the sun with his spirit animal (or whatever) and Courtney sits in the corner having a serious conversation with a hallowed Buddha statue about how she believes aliens abducted her real daughter and replaced her with an impostor (yes, Court thinks is a documentary). But in all seriousness, Court has every right to feel insulted about being associated with that drug. Now if Russell called her a cokehead or a Lokohead, that would be different.

K.'s Daily Mail about her single status and her new family dynamic.

"Relationships do change throughout the course of your life, and I always think in terms of relationships changing and evolving rather than starting and stopping," says the star, who was wed to Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons from 1998 to 2009.

I thought the cookie spread and spelt bread (it’s all I had, don’t ask) sandwich I ate for dinner last night was random, but this tops that shit.

Russell has gone from Kimora to Sophie Monk to self-proclaimed not-gold-digger Julie Henderson to Lauren from Alias to Shannon Elizabeth.

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