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For example, New Year's Eve in Bratislava hosts a celebration that rivals that of nearby capitals, and the Bratislava Christmas market sells handmade Slovakian crafts and traditional food.

Slovakia's castles are a great excuse to go out and see the Slovakian countryside, where mountains, hills, lakes, and fields create romantic settings for picnics and hikes.

We can acknowledge that some countries, like Poland and the Czech Republic, are more "central," and, if we want to be specific about their location, can refer to them as a part of East Central Europe.

The Baltics, populated by people ethnically different from the rest of Eastern Europe, can also be grouped accordingly.

Czech Republic World Heritage sites showcase the best of the Czech Republic's heritage.

No matter what region of the Czech Republic a visitor finds herself, Czech culture provides plenty of opportunities to celebrate throughout the year, and Czech souvenirs show pride in Czech traditions.

Latvia also claims to be the originator of the Christmas tree, and Latvian Christmas traditions include a celebration of this contribution to Christianity's important holiday. Like Latvia, it also claims to have originated the tradition of the Christmas tree, and Christmas in Estonia always includes large, elaborately decorated fir trees for the holidays.

However, Krakow is Poland's most popular destination, and other cities in Poland attract visitors from far and wide, too.

Look for Polish castles when touring the country - they are plentiful, and many have been turned into museums or hotels.

Polish culture, with its numerous holidays, festive traditions, colorful folk costumes, and charming handicrafts, makes Poland even more attractive as a travel destination.

Dubrovnik is Croatia's most famous destination city, its walled old town encapsulating the best of seaside life and the prosperity of medieval Dalmatia.

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